Residents of the Town of Stiles are reminded that recycling of materials and solid waste for disposal in town bags are required in the Town of Stiles.

As part of the program, all parcels capable of generating recyclables or solid waste in the Town are assessed a $42 special assessment to assist in offsetting the costs of the program. This cost is listed as “other” on your tax statements. The owner of each parcel assessed will receive 52 blue bags per year marked “STILES”. These bags can be picked up anytime during the year from January 1-December 31 at the recycling center during regular business hours. Additional bags can be purchased in rolls of 25 bags per roll.

Tuesdays 1:00 PM-5:00 PM
Saturdays 8:00 AM-12:00 Noon

2024 Oconto County Recycling Guide

Town of Stiles Solid Waste Disposal Rules:
• The gate will be open and an attendant on duty during the above hours. No material shall be taken to the solid waste facility any other time.
• All solid waste must be in bags marked “STILES”. These are the only bags that will be accepted
• Stones or broken concrete cannot be disposed of at the site
• No dead animals or animal matter may be disposed of as solid waste at the site

It is illegal to deposit chemical wastes of any kind at the site
• Old car bodies or machinery will not be accepted
• For safety reasons, no one should appear at the site barefoot
• A compactor system will be used which allows for two people unloading at a time. You may want to allow extra time or make more frequent trips when coming to the site
• All ashes must be in bags marked “STILES”
• All recyclables will be single streamed into one bin
• Only oil filters from cars and up to 1-ton trucks will be accepted
• Site will be closed on holidays and inclement weather

NOTE: Fees may be charged for certain items.

These rules are covered by state law and violators can be fined.