Planning Commission

The Town of Stiles Planning Commission wants to make the process of rezoning your property or acquiring a Land Use permit as simple as possible. The Land Use Planning Commission is composed of residents of the Town that are committed to working with other residents, the Town

Board and Oconto County to provide for a coordinated mix of land uses and land use arrangements that minimize land use conflicts, provides for a variety of land use types and provides for the enhancement of the equality of life for the citizens of the Town of Stiles.

In 1998, the Stiles residents completed surveys about how they wanted the community to look in the future, and how development should occur.
These surveys indicated the need to provide for sound community development and growth, while still maintaining significant open spaces, natural resources, and the rural nature of the Town.

The survey also served as the basis for the Town of Stiles Comprehensive Plan. This Plan provides guidelines to help manage the Town of Stiles growth through the year 2015. Residents may review a copy of the plan at the Stiles Town Hall or at Community Memorial Library in Oconto Falls, or the Lena Library in Lena.

For more information on this process, please contact a member of the Plan Commission:
Todd Schwantes (920) 846-3371

Vicky Cunningham (920) 834-5716
Elizabeth Cody (920 834-3374
Larry Mc Gray (920) 834-4246

To access Oconto County Planning and Zoning information, click here

Town of Stiles Comprehensive Plan